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National Factoring Group Connecting Businesses with Working Capital

We have done the research saving what would otherwise take you weeks to gather.

Finding Your Accounts Receivable Finance Company can be accomplished in Three Simple Steps

1. Fill in your information on the right
2. Select up to 3 options that best suits your business needs
3. Have them compete to get you the best deal

Unlike other sources we show all of the options applicable to you, not just the ones who pay a higher sales commission, while removing those Accounts Receivables Finance companies not applicable because they do not work with your industry, work within your credit needs, or cover your terms of sale. Then we have you refine your search even more by choosing your desired location or specialty. By doing this, we know that you will find and select the best match for your business. National Factoring Group works for you, the customer, not the finance companies. We know choosing the wrong Accounts Receivables Financing option for your business will cost you more than just money.

We have taken the guess work out of finding and connecting you with the perfect Accounts Receivables Finance Company for your business.

Why Our System works

Save Money - Our clients get better deals then they would on their own because the Invoice Factors know that they are competing on every deal
Customer Satisfaction - Our client feedback shows a higher satisfaction rate when compared to looking on their own.
Longevity – Our clients stay longer with the Invoice Factor they select rather than switching funders repeatedly

Your Customer Retention – Our Accounts Receivable Funders know how to work with your customers in a professional and respectful manner.
Peace of Mind – Our clients have seen the other options and can feel confident in the decision they have made
Traditional Lending – Clients transition to traditional lending at a higher rate

Why do businesses consistently use National Factoring Group?

• Our clients do not like to waste time therefore we only show the 10 most applicable Receivable Financing companies based on your business’s information. Review and select up to three to compete for your business, giving you the best rate for your business needs.

• Our clients understand the importance of in depth insight. With each receivable finance option presented you will be able to see their star ranking (as evaluated by others within each specific industry) and experience level within your industry, the credit range in which you can grow your business, whether the company offers recourse or non recourse financing, the invoice requirements and documentation, the collateral position that will be taken and any additional fees, as well as the location of each factoring company.

• Our clients like that National Factoring Group show how various options within the search results will affect the factoring fee.

• Our funders have quick turnarounds to help increase your cash flow.

We are open to every Receivable Finance Company that agrees to fully disclose their product in an open manner and meet the highest of standards. We believe that you make the best decisions for your business when you have all of the information.

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