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How the National Factoring Group works for YOU!

Compare Factoring Companies and get the best factoring rate for the structure your business needs.

National Factoring Group is a better way for you to find your Factoring Company. We are the one resource that allows you to review and compare factoring companies so that you can make the best decision for your business; both on structure as well as price. By simply entering your business information and conducting a search by your industry and desired location or specialization, sorts through all the Accounts Receivables Factoring Companies and will show the 10 Factoring Companies for your business based on your preferences. If you are serious about finding the best Accounts Receivables Factoring Company, comparing structure and getting a competitive rate, your need to conduct a search and select your best option.

Through National Factoring Group you can know with confidence you are getting

- the Best Factoring Rate
- the Best Factoring Structure
- Comprehensive Information and Unique Upfront Insight
- A plus and minus guide to how options may affect your fee structure

National Factoring Group is open to every Factoring Company that agrees to fully disclose their product in an open manner and meet the highest of standards. We are solely compensated by the factoring companies selected. Our fees are calculated universally, giving us no preference or allegiance to one factoring company over another, giving you objective results with no hidden agenda. National Factoring Group believes that you make the best decisions for your business when you have all the information.

New to factoring? Learn about how this can improve your cash flow and business by visiting our What Is Factoring, Definitions, and Frequently Asked Questions sections of this website. Visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+