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How the National Factoring Group works for YOU!

National Factoring Group is a better way for you to find your Factoring Company. It’s no secret that the Factoring Fees are the largest consideration businesses look at when making their decision. Despite that we have never allowed Invoice Factoring Companies to post Invoice Discount Fees. As Factoring Fees have become more commoditized it does not make since to waste your time with “teaser rates” or companies that will spit out “fit in the box” pricing without knowing anything about your business. We are the one resource that allows you to review and compare Factoring Companies so that you can make the best decision for your business. We sorts through all the Accounts Receivables Factoring Companies bringing the Top 10 Factoring Companies to review based on your entered criteria. You will see a customer service rating, how the Invoice Line will work with them, and a key that will take you through how different options can affect the Factoring Rate.

If you are serious about finding the best Accounts Receivables Factoring Company, comparing structure and getting a competitive rate, conduct a search and select your best option.

Why do businesses consistently choose National Factoring Group over other resources?

Our clients want to see all their factoring options, not just the options that pay preferred commission rates.

Our clients understand the importance of the in depth insight into each Factoring Company National Factoring Group brings.

Our clients don’t like to waste time, therefore National Factoring Group only displays the top 10 Factoring Companies that work within their industry, credit ranges, and terms of sale based on the client specialization criteria, which allows them to compare their options and choose up to three Factoring Companies to compete for their business.

Our clients appreciate the service ratings specific to each industry rated by other clients in each specific industry. Each factoring company must maintain at least an average rating per industry to be presented on

Our clients like that National Factoring Group show how various option within the search results will affect the Factoring Fee.

We are open to every Factoring Company that agrees to fully disclose their product in an open manner and meet the highest of standards. National Factoring Group believes that you make the best decisions for your business when you have all of the information.

New to factoring? Learn about how this can improve your cash flow and business by visiting our What Is Factoring, Definitions, and Frequently Asked Questions sections of this website.